Gustavo Madeira Santana

Places I learned things

Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul

2019-12 — Present
Biological Sciences - Biochemistry, Master of Science

Dietrich Lab - Yale University School of Medicine

2018-08 — 2019-09
Computational Neuroscience, Visiting Researcher

Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul

2015-03 — 2019-11
Computer Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering

The Rockefeller University

2019-02-15 — 2019-02-28
Kavli NSI iDISCO and ClearMap Course

What I have worked on

Deep Learning framework for automated vocalization detection and analysis in rodents

Dietrich Lab, Visiting Researcher

2018-08 — 2019-09

Tool development that allows for automated vocal analysis in rodents using deep learning.

  • Parameter-free identification of vocals in experimental recordings with high recall.
  • Noise filtering and Classification of vocals using Convolutional Neural Networks.
  • Vocalization segmentation using Deep Learning for precise spectro-temporal analysis.

Whole-brain analysis of neuronal activity using tissue-clearing and light-sheet microscopy

Dietrich Lab, Visiting Researcher

2018-08 — 2019-09

Whole-brain analysis of neuronal activity in neonatal mice using the iDISCO+ tissue-clearing protocol and light-sheet microscopy.

  • Single-cell analysis of neuronal activation.
  • High-performance parallel image processing pipeline for fast whole-brain analysis.
  • Whole-brain unbiased analysis of neuronal activity independent of an atlas.

Dedicated hardware architectures for video coding using low-power arithmetic operators

Bampi Lab, Research Assitant

2016-06 — 2018-08

Exploiting fast algorithms for video encoding in energy efficient dedicated hardware capable of processing 4k video in real time at 60 frames per second. Development of hardware modules for application-specific integrated circuits using low-power arithmetic operators such as adder compressors, combined with approximate computing techniques.